Habituari is an eco-responsible decoration store which is committed to offering decorative items for the home resulting from an eco-responsible approach. We detail all this, just below!

A REASONED PRODUCTION : put common sense back into our design and production methods. At Habituari, only small series, made with eco-sourced raw materials, from France or Europe, because it is sometimes still complicated to find certain products in France

VALUATION OF THE BEST TALENT : Habituari travels through France and Europe in search of artisans, designers and entrepreneurs offering beautiful objects for the home. Habituari is committed to highlighting a selection where beautiful and responsible are inseparable.

A FAIR SHARING : consuming differently is also buying and selling differently. Habituari is a decoration store that strives to remunerate suppliers and partner vendors who work with us at their fair value. Also, on the consumer side, the price reflects the valuation and work of each player in the production and marketing of each object.

THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH : transparency on the manufacture, the origin and the compositions. Habituari offers a labeling system to improve the eco-responsible readability of each product.

RECYCLED PACKAGINGÉS: We only use FSC-labeled recycled cardboard, tissue paper, packaging tapes and business cards. Printing inks are vegetable inks. We try as much as possible to use shims already used, from old packages. We collect them from our entourage, from our artisans.

A HOUSE LIVESEA : because we are convinced that a house populated with objects made with respect for the environment, the material, the person who participated in its design, its manufacture is an inhabited, living, human and earthly house. It can only help you feel better and improve your daily life. Habituari will offer a selection that will take into account the impacts of design, materials and shapes on your mind.