idea of a slow house



On vacation, in the summer, our tour of the Grand Dukes was the craftsmen, from the diagonal of the void through Brittany and the mountains. In short, the artisans of our resort. 

An Orangina in a seedy bar in a tiny village waiting for the parents to agree on the path. GPS didn't exist, fancy bars and neo-rural ones didn't really exist either. Then, off we went to discover working mills, experts in dried flowers, pottery, cutlery ... A vast field of dirty hands, dusty workshops and smells, passionate people. It was great, I loved it. It was the 90s.

Back in 2020, I'll spare you the stressful, sometimes absurd, work verse of city life and climate change. This song of anxiety that rocks our daily lives. I wished rediscover the simplicity of our craft tours, of our summer vacations, the satisfaction of a life that goes in the right direction: a simpler and more natural life, which makes sense. 

I think that our house can be our first ally towards this simpler, more sustainable life. Because the house is the antechamber of our dreams, of our future actions. So let's make sense of it! Let’s populate it with objects that remind us every day of the path we want to follow.

So after 10 years in a communications agency at Havas and Publicis, I decided to use my skills to promote those who participate in making our homes more respectful of the environment.

This is where Habituari comes into the picture, embodying the archetype of the slow, simple, beautiful and sustainable house, a house that makes us feel good. This house is populated with handcrafted objects, produced in small series in an eco-responsible and local approach. Each object tells a particular story, with transparency on its origin, its materials and its transformation. 

Each archetype is doomed to be heckled, I invite you to draw from the Habituari selection the objects that can in their own way bring more meaning to your daily life. 

Habituari will therefore introduce you to artisans and designers in France and sometimes in Europe, such as those we met as children during summers in the countryside, whose work responds to our quest for meaning. 

That's not all!

Habituari, the responsible and reasoned decoration merchant ...


Habituari wishes to offer a new distributor model where the eco-responsible aspect is at the heart of the company's operations, with primary attention paid to product sourcing, its design method, its manufacture and its origin. Transparency with consumers as well as fair remuneration with partners will be other points of Habituari's attention, with many more to follow. There will of course be a lot of effort to be made on logistics, routing, accommodation ... All of this will probably not be perfect across the board, being a very young company founded in 2020, but I will work on make as responsible as possible in every aspect. Habituari wishes to respond now to the urgency of consuming differently for tomorrow, by participating in the creation and implementation of new systems and by providing the first elements of answers, however imperfect they may be.


... pleading for the good at home


I want your home to have this extra soul through the objects that inhabit it, that it makes sense in light of the environmental issues of our time and the growing need for humanity and life in our daily lives. You will thus bring into your interior objects made with passion, respect and sincerity, by conscious people. I am convinced that an interior that is consistent with its environment and its inhabitants can only help you feel better, improve your daily life, your actions and your relationships.