Solarium, recycled lamp, by Valérie Windeck

204,50 € 256 €
2ème vie

From our plastic waste was born the Solarium Lamp. A lamp with a timeless look, the shape of which evokes our star, the Sun. Its central disc diffuses a soft light through transparency. 

A contemporary object imagined by designer Valérie Windeck for Boutures d'Objets. The recycling process is taken to the end, because each element of the lamp can be dismantled so that it can be recycled if necessary. 


2nd life: 100% recycled plastic lamp

Disque in "Gray Mist" 100% recycled PET from industrial packaging waste (Made in UK) 

Feet in "Pavé Black Poop": 100% HDPE from plastics collected in nature and industrial waste: automotive, packaging, etc ... (Made in France)

Repairable: the electrical components are removable and replaceable. If the cable is damaged, it is advisable to call a professional for the repair of this luminaire. Plastics are repairable and recyclable 

Processed in France: lcutouts and assembly are made in France


Black satin textile cable

Height 36 cm

Width 28 cm

Depth 12 cm

Lamp designed for indoor use only

Socket E14 220-240V

LED bulb supplied 5W

Wire length 188 cm 

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