Little rabbit comforter and harmony Hibiscus comforter

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To meet the tree is to relate to oneself

Trees, we talk about them more and more!

We've all seen the bestseller The Secret Life of Trees (if you don't know, I invite you to take a look at this book!), there are also many documentaries that tell us about their insane abilities. 

We also know that being in contact with nature reduces our stress, improves self-esteem, confidence, and the feeling of happiness. In short, what things we all want!

And then there is us, the humans of 2021, in need of nature, of meaning. 

So I asked myself: how can trees help us every day?

They were venerated by the Celts who gave them healing energy and harmonization of being.

We are now rediscovering the qualities of forest baths, or sylvotherapy, to lower our stress levels. In Japan, doctors can prescribe forest baths ?!

It was through this awareness of the assets of the tree that I developed the little wooden cuddly toys.

Like gri-gri, they accompany you, help you to accept and understand the emotions which mark your existence.

Go to meet your forest, imaginary or real, in order to discover your sovereign being.

The wooden comforters are entirely handmade from scrap wood from the Gironde. A little natural and eco-responsible charm!

What Hibiscus brings me: 

He transports us to a perfect place of harmony and brotherhood.

It teaches us to connect to this energy of oneness.

I imagine that we are perfectly happy and serene. Then I imagine that this state can spread peace.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves by simply following our personal path of joy and peace.

If I am happy, so are those around me.

How to use my calm and harmony Hibiscus soft toy? 

I welcome it in the palm of my hand and consider all that trees in general can do for me.

I can keep it near me, in my pocket, my bag, on my desk, my bedside table ...

I take it in my hand when I feel the need, because it can be a support for a better understanding of oneself.

I meditate with it, embodying in my mind the qualities of Hibiscus.

The beautiful and responsible criteria:

Handmade : by our boisselière Lucie in her workshop in Gironde

Green energy : elbow grease again and again to shape this little blanket

Made in France: the wood is sourced locally and transformed in Lucie's workshop in Gironde

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