Candle made in France La Vie

35 €

Here is the star candle of our cozy and cozy interiors reviewed by Label Bougie!

Vegetable wax for healthier air and a fragrance designed in Grasse, cradle of French perfumery for both hot and cold diffusion. 

Life: a fruity journey 

Carelessness and pleasure in a summer garden, under a cloudless sky. Fruity, gourmet and sweet notes of plum on a woody bed of cedar and musk. A soft and powdery fragrance that captures the spirit of the times, the need for freedom.

Olfactory blend: plum - cedar - musk


Bio-sourced: vs100% vegetable soy and coconut, guaranteed GMO-free and 100% cotton wick

Processed in France: the candle is made in France

Clean: lvegetable wax is unrefined, natural and above all renewable, does not contain GMOs, CMRs, phthalates, pesticides or herbicides

Small enterprises : the glass container is produced in Italy. Then lacquered near Poitiers where the tinting and screen printing are carried out


Burning time: 45h

9 cm high and 7.5 cm in diameter

Consume the candle for 2 hours on first use to prevent it from digging. Cut the wick regularly and ensure that it is centered so that it burns correctly and thus enjoy your scented candle for longer.

Do not burn unattended, place the candle on a flat surface and keep out of the reach of children.

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